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Specifications and parameters

Folding solar panel charger is composed of waterproof canvas, intelligent voltage stablizier and highly efficient solar panels.

For solar panels, we used 22%-24% imported sunpower solar cells and anti-scratching PET lamilation technology.

The hardness of PET is 3H, and the light transmittance of PET and EVA is over 95%, which means this solar panels

can transfer sunshine into electricity in higher efficiency.

Compaired to traditional solar panels like mono crystalline solar panel of poly crystallien solar panels, sunpower solar panles

can creat more power and higher voltage based on same size.

There is dual USB output protective circuit board on the back of folding solar panel charger. You can charge your iphone

fully within 3h under 100% sun.

Technical data

Output voltage and power of solar panel: 5V/19.8W

Solar cells: imported sunpower solar cells with 22-24% high efficiency

Folded dimension: 155 *286*25mm

Extend dimension: 565*286*6mm

Qty. of Solar panel: 3pcs solar panels

Gross Weight:550g


1. How to use this folding solar panel charger to charge my iphone?

Pls put this folding solar panel charger under sunshine flatly, making sure solar cells surface is accepting sunshine.

Then you will see the LED indicator on the black box(on the back of solar pack) is on.

Plug USB port of your charging cable into the female USB on the black box, the other side of cable into your phone, charging starting immediately.

2. Will this damage my phone if I charge it directly?

No, it wont, because there is an intelligent protective circuit board inside this black box.

It has over-voltage protection, over-current protetion and short circuit protection.

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